MoonLight Productions

  • Producer : Jeff Smith
  • Genres : Drama, Action, Theater, Dance
  • Originated : July, 01, 2007
  • Location : Bryan, Ohio

Who We Are:

MoonLight Productions is a filming company. We offer services such as filming weddings, commercials, short films, feature films, producing, and directing.

We have lots of affordable packages to help fit your budget! We film with powerful cinematic cameras which film in 4K Ultra HD. We also use cinematic drones and GoPros to catch really cool Point of View footage, even underwater footage!!

We are also equipped with a green screen, professional lighting, and professional audio recording to suit all your needs.

So, if it's a commercial, an event, dance recital, a wedding or even an Industrial film or safety videos you need produced we can help that dream & vision come true! Check out our Services & Pricing page for services we offer.




 About the Producer

Jeff Smith who commonly goes by his nickname Jay is an award winning American Producer. Born in St. Petersburg Florida and now resides in Northwest Ohio.

Mr. Smith has produced over a 100+ films in his film career. Ranging from short films, feature films, commercials, weddings, dance and theater productions.

While his main focus is being a producer, he is also a cinematographer, writer, director and musician. His company MoonLight Productions (a five star company) was founded in February 2014 but he had been doing films long before then.

Mr. Smith has studied under some award winning producers and directors. His inspirations for film are Pixar, Disney, and Industrial Lights & Magic. For music his inspirations are Hans Zimmer, and John Williams.