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Captain Smith A New Beginning (Upcoming Feature Length Film)

October 26th , 2018

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Captain Smith A New Beginning takes place after Captain Smith was captured by the infamous Dagger Dan. As Captain Smith is being held captive awaiting his fate to face the gallows a series of events take place giving him his freedom once again so that he may head out into the open seas to look for treasure. However that is short lived when he is met by King Mydred’s AWOL lieutenant, Fredrick Williams who request Captain Smith to aide him to find his very Ill sister before she dies.

Captain Smith begrudgingly accepts after a view into his own dark past. The two set sail and battle the waves of the Wayward Sea, King Mydreds Royal army, and The Great Squall, a spiraling graveyard in the center of the Wayward sea where the cries and screams of a thousand lost souls can be heard. In the center of the Great Squall they are met by a tribe of Indians who aide them in destroying King Mydred’s Royal army and unfolding many twisted events to make everything right once more in the world of Captain Smith A New Beginning.